Upgraded Bumpers Help ZJ-Series Grand Cherokees Shine When Off Road

The “ZJ” version of Jeep’s Grand Cherokee has become a favorite of off-roading enthusiasts everywhere. A top seller in its own time, the ZJ Grand Cherokee has gone on to achieve legendary status thanks to its capabilities and reliability.

Despite how tough and rugged the stock ZJ is, taking one into difficult terrain can still expose it to danger. Providers of the parts needed to install DIY Jeep Bumpers have, fortunately, lavished plenty of attention on this popular model. Adding some ZJ diy bumpers to a Grand Cherokee can make it even better suited to driving off road.

The Best ZJ Bumpers Go Far Beyond the Basics

One of the reasons why so many drivers love the ZJ Grand Cherokee is that it was designed from the ground up to be highly capable when driven off road. At the same time, the factory-stock ZJ does benefit from improvements that build on this undeniably inherent strength.

Adding aftermarket bumpers to a Grand Cherokee is regarded by many as one of the best ways to improve off-road performance. Bumpers meant for the ZJ Grand Cherokee often include features like:

Winch mounts. It is easy to get stuck when driving off road, and making good use of a winch sometimes ends up being the only way out. A bumper-mounted winch will allow a ZJ Grand Cherokee to pull itself out of some truly tricky situations and to lend aid to other vehicles that need the same type of help. Bumpers designed to host winches need to be especially strong in order to withstand the associated forces. In addition to providing a place to install a winch, such a bumper will also protect the Jeep itself.

Skid plates. Rocks, stumps, and other hard objects can do huge amounts of damage to a Grand Cherokee’s underside. Integrating a skid plate into a bumper will help shield parts that might otherwise be destroyed when venturing off road.

An Even More Capable ZJ Grand Cherokee

Bumpers that include features like these help make ZJ Grand Cherokees even better suited to off-road driving. Installing a well designed bumper made from high quality parts can turn an already-impressive Grand Cherokee into something truly spectacular.

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